Wand Vibrators

Wand Vibrators (or wand massagers, magic wands) are the most powerful of vibrators. Look no further if you mean business, and by business, we mean earth-shaking orgasms. They may not be the sleekest or sexiest members of the vibrator family, but their purpose is clear. They're here to rock your world.

Form Factor: Consists of the long handle (hence, wand) and a vibrating rubber head or ball (where the magic happens).

Area of Stimulation: The clitorus... but also shoulders, back, or any other area where your muscles are sore.

Wand attachments allow for insertion of the attachment into the vagina, or perhaps, the anus... allowing for vibrating stimulation of the g-spot or p-spot! Level-up your fun with our selection of wand attachments here.