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Ball & Chain Dress It Up! Game

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Ball & Chain Dress It Up! Game
Ball & Chain Dress It Up! Game
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Fantasies can come true and with this fantasy role-playing game, you can take your sexual relationship from average to exceptional. There is something about exploring role-playing and being "in character" that allows couples to open their mind to new things and scenarios that may not have been considered previously. Experience fun scenarios like the hotel maid/guest, photographer/model, gigolo/shy girl, etc. Experience 57 role-plays in all.

Examples: Photographer/Model: Pretend that you are a freelance photographer being paid to take explicit photos - your lover is an inexperienced but eager model. Make sure to bring out all your lover's natural talents as you get them to pose naked for you. Gigolo/Shy Girl: Pretend that you are a sexy gigolo and you take pleasure in satisfying every woman's desire. Your female lover, on the other hand, is both shy and inexperienced. Lead her into a fantasy full of excitement. Sex Therapist/Patient: Pretend that you are a sex therapist and your patient (your lover) has had difficulties achieving an orgasm lately. As their sex therapist, your prescribed treatment should include showing your patients that they can have multiple orgasms. Pizzaman/female homeowner: Pretend that you are the pizza deliveryman and you are about to make home delivery. An attractive woman answers the door in a very skimpy outfit & invites you in to wait as she gets the money to pay you. Once inside, she then proposes a trade - the pizza for sex.

Genre: Romance
Game Type: Card

What's Included:

1 Game Spinner, 60 Unique Activity Cards (30 per Category)