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Conquer Me: Girl to Girl Wisdom About Fulfilling Your Submissive Desires - Girl-to-girl Wisdom About Fulfilling Your Submissive Desires - Greenery Press

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Conquer Me: Girl to Girl Wisdom About Fulfilling Your Submissive Desires

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Submissive women have needs just like anybody else. But how can a woman get her needs met when she's relinquished her power to her dominant partner? At the heart of the book is an emotion the author has dubbed "Conquer Me" - which she defines as "the submissive's internal demand for a show of strength." Going one step further she explains this unique need and how a female submissive goes about getting this need met by her master. With warmth, wisdom and a down-to-earth approach, Conquer Me analyzes the realities of the dominant-submissive lifestyle and suggests ways in which both partners can experience the greatest possible growth and pleasure. Conquer Me is an essential book for any Dom/sub couple seeking to get the most out of their D/S lifestyle.

Author: Kacie Cunninghame
Pages: 192
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9781890159764

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