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Cosmopolitan Love Spells

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Cosmopolitan Love Spells
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Give your love life a spiritual boost with Cosmo's potent introduction to spells designed to enhance romance. Modern magic is all about self-care and using your inner powers to make positive changes in your life—and that's what Cosmopolitan has always been about. Now the authority on love and sex provides readers with a clear path to navigate their amorous adventures by casting simple and effective spells. These powerful incantations include charms for turning lust into love, recovering from a bad breakup, or increasing intimacy between you and your bae in the bedroom. You'll also learn how to craft your own spells, set up an altar, source popular spell ingredients, and more.You'll get spells for:Attraction: red candle carving and vision board manifestationCommunication: a lapis lazuli charm and color magickSweetening the environment for affection and gentleness: honey jar and sugar lip scrubPassion and desire: a Venus invocationHealing a broken heart with black salt or a cord-cutting obsidian blade.Hardcover- 144 pages Published December 3 2019
Length: 5.25" x Diameter: 0.5"