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Kheper Games Lust!

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Kheper Games Lust!
Kheper Games Lust!
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Lust! Is a game for lovers that allows them to explore both romantic and physical intimacy together. Move around the game board, land on various icons and select cards that have players act out various romantic and sexual indulgences with each other. The first to reach Lust! at the end of the path initiates the love-making techniques on the prized "Love-Making" cards, making everyone a winner in this game!

Genre: Romance
Game Type: Board

What's Included:

Gameboard, 20 Romance Cards, 20 Sensuality Cards, 20 Body Language Cards, 20 Love-Making Cards, 2 Game Markers, 1 Die

Length: 10.5" x Width: 9" x Height: 1.75" x Diameter: 7.25" x Weight: 1.125