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Knock Knock F*ck Off Cretin: 15,876 Mix-n-Match Insults

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Never be more than a page-flip away from a hilarious insult! With F*ck Off Cretin! you can mix and match some of the most colorful words in the English language for a fresh dose of profanity, fun, and pointed criticism of those around you! From truely classy phrases like "Eat my fart" and "Cram it, ss-clown" to "You look like a bag of dicks," you can flip your way through thousands of glorious combinations and let your friends, coworkers, or that guy who backed into your car know just what you think of them! Liven up everyone's day, bring a little flair to a party, and expanded your vocabulary in the raunciest way with F*ck Off Cretin!

Product Details:

    Product Dimensions:

    • Height: 5 inches
    • Width: 1.375 inches

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