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Sex 365 - A Position for Every Day - DK Publishing

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Sex 365 - A Position for Every Day - DK Publishing
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Scratching your head for a sex position? Tired of the way he always goes on top? Need to wow a new lover? Driven to insane boredom by the spoons position? Want to try the sexual equivalent of a yoga workout? If you answer "yes" to one or more of these questions, Sex 365 is for you. It exposes you to sex in all its naughty, saucy varieties. It's twisted sex, sex flipped upside-down, sex brought to its knees, and sex strung up from a bar. You can gape at the sex positions. You can marvel at them. You can even TRY them. But before you embark on your year-long position-athon, remember the following things:

  • Sex is great but don't forget to work, wash, and eat.
  • Outdoor sex is hot, but do NOT get caught. Police stations aren't sexy. (Unless you like uniforms...
  • If it hurts, stop doing it. There's never any point in throwing your back (or anything else) out in the pursuit of novelty.
  • Almost any position can be made easier with a super-sized tube of lube and some soft cushions.

Now just lie back and wrap your calves around your lover's head. Prepare to be rocked and rolled.

Pages: 375
Binding: Paperback

Width: 5.5" x Height: 6.5" x Depth: 1" x Weight: 1.125