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Letters to Penthouse XXXXVII - Sexxx on the Job - Grand Central Publishing

Grand Central Publishing

Letters to Penthouse XXXXVII - Sexxx on the Job

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The party starts before the scrubs come off. Burning up with hot love fever? This over-the-counter collection of erotica is the only prescription you need. If you fantasize about the very personal bedside manner of that sexy surgeon, the beautiful patient who's getting drilled in the dentist's chair, or the sweet taste of the nubile candy striper, these masters and mistresses of the healing arts have the RXXX ready. They guarantee to raise your temperature, make sure that swelling never goes down, and keep the physical therapy so intense you'll be feeling it night after delirious night. Let the healing begin.

Author: Editors of Penthouse
Pages: 304
Binding: Paperback

Width: 4.124" x Height: 6.75" x Depth: 0.875" x Weight: 5.2oz